35 Reasons Why Humanity Is Absolutely Ridiculous and Insane

November 19, 2018

1. You speak of the truth of life and people think you’re insane and crazy.

2. You’re a dude with a dong and you put on a dress and call your self a girl and people accept this as sane.

3. People call plants drugs but they call drugs medicine.

4. People watch television all day but call you lazy if you’re poor, even if you’re walking 15 miles per day and building shelters and exercising and hiking through mountains.

5. People go to church but they don’t know who or what God is.

6. People don’t read the scriptures nor question their life and then they say they “don’t believe”.

7. Girls dress in tight clothes and every guy mentally fornicates with her and she thinks she’s beautiful?

8. People believe in government but government enslaves everyone. and government IS people so people enslave them selves.

9. People cry about BPA in plastic but all plastic is toxic and leaks in to your body and the environment.

10. People say they’re concerned about the environment and the state of the world while they sip on a plastic straw from a plastic cup and they throw it in their garbage.

11. People think recycling is the answer when it just throws toxic fumes in the air.

12. Good people accept the ways of bad people, whilst they know it.

13. People eat animals but animals have guts, anuses, groins, eyes, ears, skin, elbows, knees, fingers, tongues, brains, hair, bones and etc just like a human.

14. People believe that animals do not have souls yet all scripture explains that we are nearly equal to the beasts.

15. People say they love God but then they eat pig which the bible forbids.

16. Someone loves a batman movie, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and then they talk about it with friends like they’re actually on to something intelligent.

17. Soldiers are “heroes” but they’re blowing humans up in another country who is not invading us.

18. Government has in fact grossly experimented on and tortured their own people for as long as government has been around and yet people believe that government is the answer?

19. People think financial wealth defines intelligence. Yet financial wealth defines sin.

20. People think age defines intelligence.

21. Candy can be made to taste like candy but with healthy alternatives but people would prefer the candy that tastes like candy but is made with utter filth.

22. People pay for education when every person on Earth is willing to teach everything for free.

23. People pay for education but then buy the book that is going to talk about everything they want to learn……

24. People think we’re in some future with advanced technologies but then you never see any such technologies and it’s all only in the movies.

25. People vote but the voting is rigged.

26. Everyone votes for 20 people but then collectively vote for 15 and then for 10 and then for 5 and then every single person, no matter who they were voting for, is left with one single leader?

27. People think a president is the leader but he’s only a television character and when his term ends, they forget about him and then worship the next guy as a new celebrity.

28. People arrogantly boast how they are “tax paying citizens” but taxes only pay for war, brainwashing and weapons of mass destruction.

29. People go to a church and think they’re going to heaven, but heaven is where the birds fly and the churches shut their doors and use tithes for selfish reasons and people think they are good people for going to a church?

30. Some law says that you can kick out your child at 18 but then other parents are stuck with mentally handicapped children for life and other countries respect their children and respect God and allow for their children to be successful like any intelligent person would do but in “america”, the “law” is god.

31. Marijuana is healthy and natural but so is poison ivy and marijuana makes people spaced and forgetful?

32. People think being perverted is funny?

33. People put up metal walls around an entire country and call themselves “free”?

34. Land of the free but this means “free to do anything you want” = “land of the sinners and home of the not-brave-at-all”.

35. Organic foods wrapped in plastic?

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One judgement is vain, like an opinion. One judgement is right.


One pride is vain and with no value. One pride is humble and kind.


One vegan is so because of moral reasons. One vegan is so for personal reasons.

Material Possessions / Belongings


The closed eye imagination, is not the vision of the eyes

The vision, is not the hearing

Life, is not the vision alone.

Life is the seeing, the hearing, the feeling, the smelling, tasting

Then, there is the heart

The senses are individual

One sense does not complete life

and, are the sense of sleep without memory of dreaming

the sense of way

which is not the senses of perceiving

but is the sense of being and purpose of being

which beholds the senses of perceiving

and works with them

This lower realm seems serpentine in one perceiving

woman from the man

delicate and beautiful from the strength and seed

The woman may be perceived, in a sense, as a serpentine


turning green and thick of forest on her back

dirt and water, flowing

with stones and body and creatures in her flesh and bloom

then, the psych of the senses to perceive the woman

the self, perceiving, perceiving self and perceiving this place

our diuality nature of man and woman within the material, psychically though the male

the spirit

intoxicated of self

tearing the flesh of the flesh

scarring one's self, by tearing away the limb

yet, the self is without flesh

the imagination is more great than the arm

for the will of self moves the arm

and the will of self moves arms within the mind (phantom)

but, what of mental handicap?

If you do not spend time outside, then you will forget what nature is. You will forget what God is.

The truth of life will not be found in any box. It will be found having spent times outside with the Earth.

The woman is the womb. and, she is the body.

The strength of will and divine order is the seed of creation.

The woman is the nature, carrying life. and the womb of her is the abyss.

HE is the source. The feature is masculine and HE tells of him self to be incarnated, in the flesh, as male.

The highest source divinity is through all.