All that is without is within.
Consciousness divides all pairs of opposites; dividing all dualities.
There is within and without of self. The darkness and lightness which self perceives of.
There is male and female, which, by love, is born the individual, self perceiving consciousness; born of Light.
Hot and cold, and what is cold is hot to what is more cold. Fast and slow, and what is slow is fast to what is more slow. Macro and micro, never beginning and never ending.
The eternal wheel of emotions and the eternal wheel of colors.
The tone which attains to it's next same tone, scale by scale, for ever.
Clarity of self and ignorance of self. Fear and courage.
Abrasive and smooth, clashing or flowing. Stagnance or doing.
Freedom or bondage. Truth or perversion of Truth.
Cleanliness or filthiness. Purity of self else being defiled.

Consciousness is the dividing center, which is eternal and has no beginning nor end.
What is it which divides the magnet? What is it which divides darkness and lightness?
It is that which perceives all realities which is cradled in the midst of all polarities. Self consciousness is both dividing and all encompassing of duality.
Consciousness has been given to reason between rightness and wrongness, by reason of self reflection.
There is warmth or the lack of warmth. To suffer and desire for aid, therefore we reason to give aid to those who suffer and desire to be saved.
That we have been forgiven and can reason that such is good, is how one in self clarity (by reasoning) reckons to forgive others.

The all exists. There is the finite all by mathematical chaos, and there is 0 and eternity, which encompass the finite school of material reality, which is within the self to reason between self clarity or self ignorance.
One attains to the all by clarity of self, by reasoning, else one is engrossed in the infinite and transient way of this material perceiving. This is oblivion of self.
The "world" is both a kind and able-to-be harsh distraction, and is also a valuable lesson for the individual perceiving soul.

The self looks outward at imaginations, contemplations, calculations. The self looks outward at the vision of the body, and the feeling and the hearing and the perceivings of the body. The self looks outward at the sensations of the body and of the world. The self looks outward at the dream body and the dream world, the phantom bodies and the spirit worlds of self, which each are built upon duality.
The "body" is of the world.
The "air" surrounding the body exists, just as a stone exists, and all is a deep void in to micro and macro through all finite space.
The world is the greater body.
When one goes in to the world, one goes in to their self.
When the world breathes, one breathes. When the world is suffocated, one is suffocated.
When the world is cut down and naked, one is exposed and vulnerable and naked.
When there is suffering in the world, it is one's self which hears, sees and is surrounded by suffering. One's own self is the suffering.
When one fights, they fight against their self, whether by clashing or by flowing, and bone breaks bone.
The water of the earth, the stones, the nature, the breathe, is all your own body, and is a reflection of mass clarity or mass ignorance of consciousness, by reasoning or the lack of reasoning.
It is to be self aware and to practice self control, by reasoning.

One alone suffers, and the peace of many will not amount to the peace of that which suffers.
One alone hungers, and the fill of many will not fill those who hunger.
The ignorance of many will not be the ignorance of those in clarity.
The clarity of many will not be the clarity for those who choose ignorance.
It is the self who has warmth or is without of warmth, who has life or is without of life, who has prosperity or is without of prosperity.
One's own walls of reality are broken down, in to coldness and darkness, and oblivion which is one's own death by ignorance.

The pleasures of the "world" are deceitful, and are distractions to reason with, so that one might surrender and return to self alignment, which is central and all encompassing of the finite cradle.

There is the All, which is beyond the finite perceptions. This is the Source of all source, the Truth of all truth, the Way of ways, the Most High Light, the First Consciousness of all conscious souls. This is the father, who impregnants the seemingly material duality (which is the woman; the mother).
From the Eternal seed is sprouted out like veins, in flesh, in leaves of nature and in the branches which extend both within and without of the earth, and in static electricity and lightning. All is conscious.
The One Most High Light gives Light to man, who in love passes Light to woman and bores individual self conscious Light. This is how you are born in to consciousness.
We are children of the Most High Truth, placed in to a cradle to reason with The All, to attain to the all else by ignorance to be engrossed in the cradle.
The All is mathematically fair by multiplications of a unit of 1. This All is the only Truth, the only life, the only way.

The Most High Source of All is The One which is in control of all reality.
You are not in control, but only have the ability to agree with or disagree with valuable lessons, and to be submerged in clarity else in self ignorance.
No control of birth, no control of the momentum toward death, no control over one's internal reasoning, no control of external phenomena.
Can one place their hands on a sproutling and yell and pull to grow? Or is it that one must let go to allow the glory of The One God to turn a seed in to a tree which bears good fruit.
Should one place their hands on a dog? Or on a cat? Or on a snake? What would these do if you were to try and control one of these?
and so, humanity, in ignorance, has placed a gross sense of control over that which is only a lesson. Truly, such conscious souls harm only their own selves, but can never harm the Source.
Though one may yell and cry to attempt at preventing the setting of the sun, one has no control.
The momentum of each quantum moment is blowing through one's own consciousness at an eternal rate, which is that there is no such thing as time; there is only the eternal, never beginning and never ending self, which divides all duality within.
When one discovers that the world is a test and a school and is filled with deceit and how one has no control, one must learn to surrender to the eternal momentum which is driven through each soul.
To let go and to become as open.

Where one attaches is where they will be kept.
Attach to fear and fear will take you where it pleases. Attach to many items and the "weight" of them will possess you and your freedom.
These are knots within one's own self.
Attach to the desire of an outcome and receive disappointment. One is not in control.

By reasoning, one attaches with the "heart", else lets go and becomes as open.
Attach to the pleasures of this pervasive creation, and the heart will hold on and callous like stone.
This will descend, and will manifest passion within the gut. One will feed this passion with foods and substances.
This will descend, and will manifest as sexual perversions due to ignorance of self; a lack of self reflection; self awareness.
This will descend in to a nether, which is where wickedness resides and is a dark creation for the most wicked, whom enjoyed the slavery and the abuse and the sorrows of others.
By recognizing such a darkness, one might reason to turn from their ways, to regret what they have committed to, and to purify them selves, and the Father is often forgiving.
This all will be voiced from the mouth: wickedness, lying, gross desires and such.
One feeds passion to try and -feel-, because the heart has been made like stone, and is blocking divine waters from flowing down; blocking Highest Light.
These passions will be fed with gold and substances and foods and gross foods and gross indulgences to try and "feel".
To feel at all is of Light, to not feel is of death of self.

By reasoning, one should let go of attachments with the heart, for attachments are of the material cradle of manifested duality. Duality is a lesson so that one might attain to the All, else be engrossed in oblivion of self-consciousness.
By reasoning, let go with the heart, and untangle these internal knots of self, and allow for the waters of clarity and Truth to pour down and purify one's self.
By letting go with the heart, one will be at ease with their lower parts.
It is a most high mind which looks upon one's lower mind of reasoning.
It is the -self- which looks outward at imaginations, at reasonings, at the body of the seemingly "material" cradle.
The self sees all, knows all, perceives of all and is an attainable most high truth.
In purity, one then voices peace, kindness, truth and such.

There is darkness and there is lightness.
and there is a Most High Light, which is The One True and Living God; our Creator.
Light is Truth, clarity, peace, cleanliness, sobriety, freedom, prosperity, goodness, kindness, happiness, honesty, family and such.
and there is darkness which is more dark than darkness.
In this gross darkness is lies, ignorance, suffering, filthiness, addiction, bondage, poverty, illness, hatred, sorrow, war, oppression, wickedness, and such.

Attachments are of the material manifestation, and are unaligned with the One True alignment of self; of consciousness.
It has been given to greatly test souls, that we might not remain here perpetually in ignorance of self, under the oppression of ignorant souls.
We are all divine and there is no king beside for Our Creator, who is in total control.
It has been given to test all here, that we might not remain here perpetually in ignorance of self.
These have lied to keep many within the bounds of pleasure, which is deception, for pleasure is given by That which is Most High and not by men.
It is that ignorance has caused a soul to labor for, and to purchase, that which is freely given. Truly, this is a gross lack of reasoning.
It is to be captivated by the material cradle.
One must be weened from all things. This is the way of maturity.
It is not the age of the body which is maturity, but is the experiences and reasonings and self control of one's own self consciousness which is maturity.
A child may know more about life than an aged being who is all captivated by endless pleasures, ignoring their own divine freedom.
We belong to no soul but only to The Source of all things.
Money is true poverty and is used to purchase one's own self ignorance.
This is a lack of freedom, a lack of prosperity, a lack of peace, a lack of kindness.
Money is the cause of many evils, and is an evil to one's own soul.

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