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Those who worship death and money.

What does it mean by "those who are without"?
Maybe it means that without light, is darkness. Without life is not living. Without kindness is ill..... without clarity is obscurity. Without truth is lies.
What is a dream, out of body and life it's self beside for an image, a feeling, a viewing, a hearing, a perceiving; a sensation; an experience.
Yet, there is immaterial realization, which is attained through peace or through surrendering.
Without peace is........
Without truth is......

Whether one turns left or turns right, or takes the short path or the long path, there is only one destination.
One does not move in to the experience but the experience moves in through you.
The vision is feeling it's self, and hearing, and contemplations and many various heavens.

Truly, one is utterly alone in their own darkness, else in truth.
Though the world may fear, one alone should not live in the fear of others, for only one alone in them selves is in their own fear, by them selves.
One alone is found in them selves else is not found, but is never found nor lost in the truth or lack of truth in others.

So when the world is naked, on fire and with their heads cut off. See their loss.
Is it also your own?
When so many seek after no truth, but instead they seem to worship both death and money.
Even the animals and the nature are quickly found in our paths, yet still wither they go left or right, they go to one destination.
Is that life resides in it's own source, and goodness resides in it's own truth.
Though we cut others down or are cut down, we alone are either found or lost in our own outcomes, and we alone do only cut down our selves else are planted in higher gardens.

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