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Remember. You alone are what you are.
Your fears are yours alone. Your confidence is yours alone.
Who you are able to be is the level of who you alone are willing to be.
No one will be oppressed for you. You, by your self, will be oppressed or not oppressed.
You, by your self, are hungry. The world being fed will never fill your own hunger.

Where your fears are is where you will be. Fear will take you and keep you.
Being attached to fear is where you will be.
Attachments are where you will be.
Attached to items, to outcomes, to desires, to fears.
Attachments can be used against you to control you, or to harm you.
but you alone, within your own self, can be harmed else unharmed.

One knows. Others will not know for you.
One does not know. Others will not be unknowing with them.
One, alone, in their self, knows or does not know.

If one attains to a higher reality, or even if in death one never returns to this place, then this place was a window of eternal directions.
Center between within and without, between darkness and light, between peace and chaos, between freedom and bondage.

The tree grows the apple which grows seed which grow trees which grow apples, for ever.
The world is immortal (1-forever), the Truth is eternal (0 and eternity).
Between internal and external is eternal.

Who all knows how free they are?
Who they can be and have not yet been?

We are all royalty serving servants.
Who is willing to die in the cause of another's cause?
Serving servants... fulfilling another's life purpose.

We alone are within our own selves, so why mingle as if you are the soul occupying another body?
You ARE.
You are.

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