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Notes From Traveling In Spirit (Feb 21 - April 6 2019)

I keep notebooks with me, whether traveling or not.

- "Be cautious of a man who sleeps with his boots on." - He may be ready to leave at any minute.

- Must move with the times. Who would carry swimming trunks during winter? Live with the season...

- After I pitched this tent, last night went from hot to cold.

- Sweaty socks are sweaty.
Light = possibilities.
Heavy = trying to have comforts but zero possibility.

- We took the bus and arrived to someone near our age who is recently homeless. He was making little sense of anything reasonable but said that when living outside (and he was telling me, even saying "no offense") that you must make something of your path (not exactly how he said it) or else be wandering aimlessly.
He said that you had to make something of your self; of your time.

- Food is heavy. Water is heavy.

- Even away from many items, still I am found caught in a similar life lesson.
Is that items are not worth to throw away nor to let go, yet one must. MUST.

- When sober, I am pissed with society.

- I felt strongly to try just a few beers last night. And each time this happens, I wake the following day, so relieved that I did not give in.

- Tent is nice. Thick shorts are nice.
Thermals are nice. Larger canteen is nice.
but when the Earth is as it is,
then no thing is nice.

I must travel as fast as possible.
More so as free as possible.

- Feb 26 2019 7:50pm
Sitting in the rain, in Boca Raton, Fl.
The market mall felt like a secret society.

- Weigh in ounces, not in lbs (traveling/backpacking)

- If everyone was cool it would be cool.

- Letting go of the desire of result.

- Having so much in my pack is even keeping me from brushing my teeth.

- Last night, we returned to Delray from Boca for Walmart (disappointing) and were caught with few options of sleeping. We slept outside on our pads.

- Today is a must for downsizing the pack. It is damaging my upper spine.

- Slept with the pad on wet ground last night. Things were wet this morning. Blanket was wet throughout the night. Was totally fine.

- HOBO - "Helping Other Brothers Out"

-Already in the mode to be free and to travel. Yet, possessions.
More of DESIRE.

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