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Life is trafficked. Where you go is not by your own will. Your direction is put through a funnel.

The roads, the food, the labor and all other activities are trafficked via spiritual gangsterism.

Even spiritual information being sold to individuals is a practice of spiritual gangsterism.

Humanity and all life is being processed to their end; their doom; their own damnation.

This flow of trafficked energy has caused for humanity to believe they should be meshed with machines; to be cyborg.

To download one's thoughts in to a machine, to attain to technological transcendence.

Such is the dark transcendence from the highest Light; the eternal Truth.

Technological calculations are finite, whilst all material reality is within the highest bounds of immaterial in-finite.

One form of beast is the machine. It is an abomination, which is similar to a form of channeling of lower spirit realities.

This trafficking of life is relating to a particular serpent entity, which is not the serpent of enlightenment, but similarly rides along this same transient dragon.

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