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1. a people desire to fulfill their own needs before the needs of others.

2. a people feel they are not capable of promoting the welfare of others.

3. the narrow-sightedness of a people is used against them by a beings who create methods to control the flow of human direction.

4. a people are not quick to see corruption, even when it in front of their face.

5. some people are able to imagine an apple in front of them, some are not able, and others see things in other various ways.

6. there are two forms of pride and two forms of judgement, yet, in english, there is only one word associated to both meanings. This is an example of the gulf dividing prosperous communication and knowledge-sharing among peoples.

7. one shepherd is a wolf to the flock, an other shepherd is a man to the flock. The flock does not choose.

8. the wolf puts an abundance of grass in a cage. the man strives to show the flock that grass is abundant outside of the cage, but the flock are bedazzled by the mountain of meal.

9. a beast comes in and devours dogs. The pups are left to suckle the beast. The pups grow to defend the beast, being ignorant that the beast devoured it's parents.

10. a man changes his image through plastic surgery. He sucks out the fat, shapes the body and becomes seemingly. Externally, he in an image. Internally, he is not the external man that is seemingly. The image is not the all.

11. a people would to humor before maturity.

12. if a people drift on a stream destined for rocks, and would think one who warns them of the cliff to be a liar, and these people would kill the honest man for ruining their pleasure, what can the man do?

13. does money purchase freedom? or does money purchase your debt?

14. does money make existence, or does existence withhold all and much more than money?

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