All outside is within. This is looking outward, within your self.
It is to be within, without.

To cause what is without to be within.

If one looks within, they become self centered/focused. Do not look always within, but see without as within.
What is without is within.

When the world breathes, one's self breathes. When the world is suffocated, one is suffocated.
When the world shows, one's self sees the world. When the world sounds, one hears. When one goes in to the world, they go in to their self.
When one fights against another, they reason with how they themselves move.

Do not be only without nor only within, but reasoned that without is within, and within is even beyond that.

All modern language roots from one or few most ancient languages:

One, ein, un, uno.
Two, zwei, deus, dos
Three, drie, trois, tres.
Four, vier / quatre, quantro
Five, funf / cinq, cinco.
Six, sechs, six, seis.
Seven, seben, sept, siete.
Eight, acht, huit, ocho.

Hello, hallo, hola, aloha.

International languages are more similar to a deep accent. Some words can be more unrelated based on their more authentic meanings for the locals.

Darkness and light. Day and night. Death and life.
Sleep, awake.
Wrong and right. Good, evil.
Male and female.
Within. Without.
Truth, lies.
Dryness, wetness. Caurse, smooth. Fast, slow.
Heat, coldness.

What is cold is more warm than what is even colder.
one of sound eternal.
Size eternal.
The wheel of emotions.
And red and blue is in to blackness. Blue in to gray. Yellow in to whiteness.
The wheel of colors; eternal.

And there is a darkness which is even more dark than darkness.
Suffering, poverty, addiction, murder, evil, oppression, hatred, filthiness, ignorance; a pit.
And a light which is more high than material light:
is clarity, cleanliness, truth of way, prosperity, freedom, happiness, family, love.
There is a light in water, in breathe, in consciousness.

Sun light is material dark light.
Material realms are lower than higheat light.

Highest light is absolute truth.


How to world is on fire, burning with lust.

Indulgences in to pleasurable things of this world area distraction from what is most important.

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