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How Much Does the United States Government Spend on Imprisonment?

November 20, 2014

If the United States governed one prison per 50 states, each being occupied in full with no more than 500 prisoners per prison-facility (50 x 500 = 25,000) and each prisoner consumed $1 per meal for 3 square meals of each day, then all inmates combined would consume $27,375,000 of food annually.

The fact though, is that in the end of 2011 alone, the United States government held imprisoned 2,266,800 adults, or 0.73% of the then entire United States population – most of which were imprisoned for "non-violent crimes" such as tax evasion.

Given the same estimates of $1 per square meal, per prisoner, per day would calculate that at least $2,482,146,000 (2.5 billion) is spent annually on prison-food alone, a number which does not include the 70,792 juveniles incarcerated in 2010.

There is more to consider than food, though, when totaling funds for imprisonment:

Food is more than $1 per meal, the cost of water, 24 hours of electricity and 24 hours of hired guards and other employees, laundry, detergent, shampoo, soap, the cost of each prison itself...

In fact though, the average inmate requires $21,000 to $33,000 each year, numbers which are still rising.

If every inmate, both minimum and maximum security, required an average of $25,000 annually per inmate – with a 2011 population of 2,266,800 adult inmates – the total spent annually on United States prisoners would be at least $56,670,000,000 (56.7 billion). This number is nearly 23 times the cost of food initially estimated.

In fact, one human earning full-time federal minimum wage would only make at most $13,920 annually – before taxes were collected back to the Government.

In the pledge to Government, it is read "with liberty and justice for all". Of the more than 2.4 million humans imprisoned in the United States today, it may be that only 166,700 individuals are in because of murder. The remaining 2.23 million hear not, speak not and see not liberty but instead only live through the justice-system of the United States of America – for years.

All the while, the United States Government claims to spend nearly $530 billion on "defense" and "security" alone – not to mention the trillions spent on war.

That "defense" and "security" includes the cost of cameras on every stop light across the country – half a trillion US dollars annually.

War and terror is power. Government, driven 50% by 99% of the entire human population and 50% by evil, creates war, creates terror and imprisons – while those working the same job, driving the same car, living in the same box and filing the same taxes believe they are being protected from outside invaders – and they do so only because they fear being locked away or executed by Government followers – all hired by the dollar.

Humans pay for roads, humans build roads, Government owns roads.

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