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Every Human On Earth Can Fit In To the State of Texas

1 mile 5280 ft
1 sq mi (5,280' x 5,280') 27,878,400‬ sq ft
Texas 268,597 sq mi
27,878,400 sq ft x 268,597 sq mi 7,488,054,604,800‬ (7.488 trillion square feet in Texas)

April 2019 estimated human population: "7.7 billion"

If, on average, all of humanity were living in groups of fours (7.7 billion / 4 = 1,925,000,000‬), there would be 1,925,000,000‬ (1.9 billion) households.

If these households were 1,000 square feet each (1.925 billion x 1,000), households would occupy 1,925,000,000,000 (1.925 trillion) square feet.

Compare this number (1.925 trillion sq ft) to the square footage of Texas (7.488 trillion sq ft).

The occupancy of humanity, living in groups of four within 1,000 square foot households, is 25.71% of the square footage of Texas.

This leaves 74.29% of the entire state of Texas, or 5,562,875,765,905.9 (5.56 trillion) square feet for agriculture, natural water, educational and recreational facilities and etc.

This is not including basements, second floors, or stacked apartments and high-rise communities.

The remaining portion of the entire North America (modern Mexico, United States and Canada), South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, islands, the 71% of ocean coverage, under ground, under water and in the air are still available for living.

Why might society seem so cramped, if there is so much room on this Earth?

mcdonalds, walmarts, parking lots, home depot, lowes, best buy, cvs, walgreens, taco bell, arbys, hardees, cracker barrel, gas stations..

Land surrounded with barbed-wire to prevent access.

There is no such thing as over-population. There is only over-consumption.

There is corruption of wages, of property, of power, of people and of divine freedom.

The point of such information is not to convince humanity to move to Texas, but to prove this world and life is more than accomodating for people to live in peace without owing their efforts to corrupt practices and corrupt information.