Why Do Some People Care While Others Do Not Care?

January 12, 2021


If a being is raised believing that everything is as it should be, unaware of pain, unaware of the sensation of suffering, unaware of the value of the depths of Truth, then such a being will live a limited programmed life.

If one is raised without restraints, and then is faced with oppression, this being will have a heightened sense of “awareness”.

Even near death experiences, prison, extreme pain, will bring a being to heightened states of awareness.

If one never has the time, nor takes the time, to question why things are as they are, they will never realize the pain and suffering inflicted upon others or upon animals, and the value of the Truth of the pain and suffering.

Such a dream-like state will not allow a being to understand what pain or suffering are. They will not be required to reason within them selves because distractions and external beings have been given to reason for them.

Such a being truly has no personal choice, and lives a life where all choices are made for them.

Any sense of “choice” for such a being is within the realms of the options that have been provided for them to choose between.

In this reality; this world, such provided options have been designed to keep the human perpetually distracted and in fear of their own true higher nature.

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