Book of Guidance

- Strive to not strive.

- Too much of any thing is too much.

Traveling Outside

Shelter Listings

- Weigh gear in ounces, not pounds.

- Traveling light and swift makes for easier access to locations and more learning.

- Carry weighted supplies to new destination but then create a private camp and do not carry things around cities with you.

- Apply for food stamps.

- (link) SNAP EBT Food Stamps can be used to buy seeds for growing food.

- Pitch a rain coverage first. Then your insect netting.

- The word "hungry" gets to people.

- Do not be quick to ask for permission from a person who titles themselves as "authority". If you ask, they will usually say no. If you do before asking, they will have to discover you to say no.

- Churches, non-profits and food banks for resource and food assistance.

- Eat basic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and mushrooms for less teeth brushing and flossing.

- The continual sound of traffic can make you feel sick. Use a sweat band for noise and light blocking.

- According to US "law", being in a place with zero purpose is "loitering", and "panhandling" is not permitted in many counties. Holding a sign that makes a "statement" is purpose (negates loitering) and is not "asking" (pandhandling).

- Use a stick to dig a hole for a toilet. Prepare by digging the hole before-hand. Cover with dirt.

- People urinate under bridges and leave trash.

- Bridges echo very loudly.

- Looking like a traveler (carrying a backpack and ground pad) can get you kicked out of cities and buildings.

- Should not sleep in the woods unless you have shelter from biting things.

- A vehicle, items or a camp spot can be more like an anchor to the neck. These will keep you from being more free. Although they provide comfort, they can also be used against you in various ways.

- Tents do not last. Eventually they rip and mold. They are trash. Build from the earth.

- Places to sleep: construction sites, abandoned buildings, foreclosed, sheds, rooftops, parking lots.


  • Salerno - LAHIA Love.And.Hope.In.Action (showers, food, drivers license, bicycles).
  • Vero Beach - The Source (showers, laundry, food, mail, art, clothing, bible study, etc).
  • Stock Island: KOTS (provides shower and food).
  • - Palm Beach Gardens - does not welcome nor accept travelers.


    - It can be freezing day or night. Build a fire. Keep the heat in by building an encompassing wall.


    (Supplies are according to personal desire. Some travelers prefer to carry many things for comfort, while others less for stealth.)

    - Small change pouch (sock, hair cap).
    - (potentially unnecessary) Plastic painting sheet for rainfly (very effective). Sticks out like a sore thumb due to bright white and reflectivity and can accrue holes, becoming abomination trash on earth. Compacts to pocket size and comes in various thickness at Walmarts paint section.
    - Small steel canteen for water.
    - Toilet paper in ziplock bag.
    - (potentially unnecessary) Bristle brush for cleaning steel canteen.
    - (potentially unnecessary) Bar soap box ($1 at Walmart). Can also get free soap from non-profit.
    - (potentially unnecessary) Thick black marker for creating cardboard signs.
    - Rechargeable head light.
    - (potentially unnecessary) Paracord.
    - (potentially unnecessary) Backpack.
    - (potentially unnecessary) Waterproof, zipping childrens lunchbox for electronics.
    - Cooking pot.
    - Fire starter.
    - Thermals.
    - Nail clippers and tweezers (for splinters and cactus).
    - (potentially unnecessary) Mosquito netting.
    - (potentially unnecessary) Ground pad. Can use cardboard or styrofoam from a recyclables dumpster, and can also sleep directly on concrete during the summer.
    - (potentially unnecessary) Poncho.

    - Potentially unnecessary weight: (spare change, knife, food, second battery pack)

    Additional Notes For Individual Preferences

    - "Awakened to never-ending insect bites. Ants, noseeums, mosquitos, spider bites. Not to mention the pain of sleeping on my arm at times and the knot it is causing again in my back. And also the egg stink last night."

    - "Wrap everything in a sheet and carry the sheet on a martial arts stick."

    Vehicle Living


    1. people will want to use you for rides (very often).
    2. kills things
    3. creates much pollution
    4. requires much money for fuel, repairs, insurance and other
    5. police magnet
    6. can not leave and hide. Acts as an anchor to return to.
    7. can find your self sitting in for too long.


    1. gets you to places in your own peace (not having to hitch hike with others or use buses etc).

    RV / Motor Homes

    - 6 to 8 to 10 mpg on RVs.


    Plank, pushups


    - Society was not designed by humanity. It was designed -for- humanity. From the street, modern "21st century" society is old, cracking, decaying, rusting, molding and is not built to last.


    - Many (but not all) Americans are pro-war.


    - To consider the wicked too often is to diminish one's own mind. To comprehend ignorance, lowliness, arrogance, one is diminished of right mind. Similarly, to think never ending of the mystery of an infant is to be like some infant, but worse.


    - Be wise. Be careful. Be curious. Be curdious. Be brave, honest, wandering.

    - Be among those who are realized, not among the unrealized.

    - When you come so far to look back upon all that you went through, but are so tired yet are nearly at the destination which you strove to attain to: persevere, do not just endure! Do not give up!


    - Custom boxes use the most tape.

    - Use painters tape to avoid contributing to plastic pollution (via plastic tape).


    - Does sound disappear?


    - Drum Circle in Delray, Florida (wednesdays?) (7pm? to 10pm?)

    - Drum Circle west of Las Vegas every Saturday (day and times can change).


    - The lessons and wisdom is more important than the order which the events took place. Importance of history loses importance of wisdom learned in history.

    - In an oppressed society, comfort must be sacrified for freedom. Those things which consume time away, they are desires, temptations; they are tricks. Comforts make life dreamy and poisonous; intoxicated. The lack of comforts leads to freedom, knowledge and opportunity. Use reasoning to sacrifice comforts for what is best; if it is a good thing to do.

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