Book of Life

The self is awareness.

This awareness can be called the soul. This awareness is a window.
The self is a processor of information. Reality is that information which gives the self awareness.

Reality could be called "intelligence". A being attains to the intelligence of reality and becomes "intelligent".

Reality has a surface, which is the basic sensual experience. But reality is able to be understood on deeper levels than what is immediately observable.
At first glance, a tree is seemingly, but looking closer, the tree has roots not only in the air, but also in the earth and, there are things living in the tree. Also, the "brown" of the tree is much more than a word, but the essence of what is called "brown" is shared in the color of one's eyes, in the color of fur and hair and of insects.

A newborn must attain to awareness, and then become a child of reasoning, and an adult of understanding, but then to wisdom and to multi-dimensional realization, toward many enlightenments and toward the supreme truth.

The reality both gives awareness and can also take it away.
One path is to become intelligent and to understand the reality, which is to understand one's self. The other path is to become submerged in the surface-sensual-experience, and to be blind by the lack of deeper understanding.
To not understand the fullness of reality is to not understand the fullness of one's own self.
To deny intelligence is to deny truth. Such a being condemns their own potential and is anti-truth.

The surface experience is blindness, which is darkness. Intelligence is light.

There is only one delusion and one intelligence. A being is either lost or they are found.

The experience is the experiencer. The experiencer is the experience. What then is the experiencer? Surface senses, mind, heart, astral, dimensioanal levels, the experience.

1. Information is endless. Knowledge is like an ever-detailed-wall that extends for ever. One must step over this wall to better understand the Truth; The All.

This reality is 1 to infinity. The Truth which produces this reality is 0 and eternity.

All things can not be realized in the life-time of a mortal. All flavors, all texts, all experiences, all visions, all names, all books, all songs, all languages can not be known in a mortal's frame of life. Die by drowning, die by suicide, die by fire, die by earth, by wind, by knife, by disease, by shark, by cliff. All can not be known in a mortal's frame of life.

Knowledge is endless, like a sensual wall which extends for ever. One must step over this wall to better understand the Truth; The All.

1.2. Learn many things. Then experience forgetfulness. Remember that you once knew. Lose your self and then find your self again.

Yet, of all that is, there exists -awareness- of all that is able to be aware of.

Of all things to attach and hold on to, there is only one letting-go of all attachable things.

2. What holds on, what lets go, and what are attachable things? What is an attachment?

Awareness is the center of one's reality. Aware of mind, aware of sensations, aware of being/existing, aware of reality. What then is reality? What is life? What is it to exist?

(words are limited; "god", "meditation", "spirituality", etc)

A being is what they have become. The intelligence that one has approached is the intelligence which they are. One is able to see reality only from where they have endeavored on their own. If others have not sought after or valued truth, they will not be capable of understanding what is beyond their current identity.
One can teach others how to play an instrument, but those others must pick up the instrument and play it in order to experience growth. The mind is an instrument. The body is an instrument. The reality is an instrument.

Attempting to explain the darkness a soul can place them selves in, only produces dark speech from dark thoughts based on observations of the dark tendencies of souls.

Attempting to explain how an other soul ignores it's own horizon (intelligence, God), leads one to contemplate ignorance, speak of ignorings and become enveloped with knowledge of ignorance.

If one speaks only of dogs, and seeks thoroughly to understand the nature of a dog, then perhaps that one will begin barking and drooling like an animal. If one continually contemplates the reality of an infant, and never breaks that cycle of contemplation, what more than an infant will they come to know?

The ultimate Truth is placed before all souls to seek and find It. If there is something more important than the Truth of existence, or more important than basic reasoning between dualistic truth and lies, goodness or illness, prosperity or stagnance, etc, such as celebrities, money, sex, politics, etc, then such is according to each souls valuing of Truth or valuing of materialistic gain.

Those who care and those who care-less. Attempting to explain the hole which souls may place them selves in, thus places one's own mind and path toward that same hole. The difference is that careless (heedless) souls willingly place them selves in to holes of consciousness while those who care will have no help from the careless to escape such a hole, nor do the careless care to leave the hole to begin with.

Therefore, speak not of dark things, but live only according to the horizon, which is the narrow way.

Awareness of conciousness. Awareness of the existence experience; of the life experience; of the mind, body and world experience.

The awareness of life-consciousness integrates with the body and world. The soul accepts the surrogate body.

Consciousness attempts to identify with the world experience, believing it relates more with one color over others, or with cravings for particular foods over others. Such is ego or body-world-persona.

One further attempts to identify with society; with the emotions of others and with vanity (glamour, name-brands, monetary status). This is the mass-false-personality; the false ego.


Judgement comes out from within the self and is placed upon another.

One can either receive judgement, else objectify the expression and be pervasive to it; not taking in judgement.

There are two essence forms of judgement:
1. is a decision and holds value based on considerations of reality. These are justice, mercy and various moral considerations and actions.
2. is meritless and is built upon vanity. This is a valueless opinion (disagreeing with someones appearance or basic way of living, etc).

An example of the first is to save one from the acts of evil. This is a judgement based on moral reasoning within darkness and lightness.

An example of the other is to express that a living being is "ugly", whilst beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is a vain opinion.

One can receive judgements within them selves and resonate with them, therefore judging their own self.
Else, one can objectify vain judgements and be pervasive to their existence. This is similar to being unable to understand the language of those who attempt to place judgements upon you.

When one expounds anger, bitterness, illness from within them selves, truly, they are angry, bitter and/or ill, etc. One attempts to apply what is within them to a second party. If you receive these vocalized illnesses and resonate and believe these to apply to you, then you judge your self.


Seemingly, one is not able to stop tomorrow from approaching, nor the sun from setting, nor moments from now from coming to be.

It is not that we move in to a future, but that all future situations move in through us.

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