Book of Life


Judgement comes out from within the self and is placed upon another.

One can either receive judgement, else objectify the expression and be pervasive to it; not taking in judgement.

There are two essence forms of judgement:
1. is a decision and holds value based on considerations of reality. These are justice, mercy and various moral considerations and actions.
2. is meritless and is built upon vanity. This is a valueless opinion (disagreeing with someones appearance or basic way of living, etc).

An example of the first is to save one from the acts of evil. This is a judgement based on moral reasoning within darkness and lightness.

An example of the other is to express that a living being is "ugly", whilst beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is a vain opinion.

One can receive judgements within them selves and resonate with them, therefore judging their own self.
Else, one can objectify vain judgements and be pervasive to their existence. This is similar to being unable to understand the language of those who attempt to place judgements upon you.

When one expounds anger, bitterness, illness from within them selves, truly, they are angry, bitter and/or ill, etc. One attempts to apply what is within them to a second party. If you receive these vocalized illnesses and resonate and believe these to apply to you, then you judge your self.


Seemingly, one is not able to stop tomorrow from approaching, nor the sun from setting, nor moments from now from coming to be.

It is not that we move in to a future, but that all future situations move in through us.

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