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Living and Surviving Outside

To accumulate many possessions is as simple as collecting sticks and stones. Living in simplicity is the achievement!

A systemized, codified society is built upon numbers; numbers in things, numbers in currency; debt, bills, repairs, desires.

To escape abundance, the task is to be removed from debts and from attachments. Otherwise, can you -have- without attachment to what you have?

The realization is food, water, cleanliness and sleep. Beyond this is experience, travel, communication, family, friends, music, inspiration, wisdom..


I set back and I relaxed from labors and watched until my money came to $0. No employment, no will to labor much for living.

I had little food, which was all I had been eating for several days, and so I ate the last of it in contemplation.

I left to the beach and walked over 4 miles along the shore. Walking back felt like for ever. Suddenly, I was hungry.

I sat in my hunger for a time, thinking and wondering and settled in uncertainty.

Then came the certainty; the drive, so blindly I moved toward a grocery store.

I had a marker, I walked to a dumpster for cardoard, and I wrote sincerely:

and within an hour, I had 2 bags filled with vegan foods, and about $20 in cash.

I was happier than I had been in years.


I would bathe in creeks, with hoses, at beach showers, at the YMCA

survivability watching your back getting bikes, locking them up having things stolen how i survived where i went to the bathroom how i bathed how i ate how people along my way helped me (kris offering jobs) when i needed help and people who helped in prime times "Lord please bless me" when i was actually broke and hungry the act of kindness people who help me gave books unfortunate things that happened drug addiction tell people my adventures tell people what brought me there my story: i'm out there living because i think society is not there for people it's about money money building building i feel like people don't care anymore saw people eating out of a garbage can tell people what it's like to be out there define: i'm not homeless but the way the country is, they pushed me to be homeless to feel like enough's enough -- picture of the jewelry i found how that donations group banned me (guy from zales to help write stories) cory outside with his pregnant girlfriend --- what is money ($10,000 each day for 100 years) --- "people are more real on the street than they are in society" --- specific conversations or things i saw that impacted me, and maybe why things i saw between two other people or conversations an act of kindness etc that impacted me and the opposite of such things etc --- things i saw that reassured me that what i am doing is right like someone treated me badly when i was sick, no one was around, but the church called the police on me and how the police have treated me cops came up and treated me like i was a criminal, like i was a dirty bum --- cops stopped me for id my friend just died how i would see him again, he's a traveler, and how i thought he would be there helping me --- "why" (this is the story: is "why") do the police/security treat a person this way? profiling 1 person makes a mistake and everyone else suffer for it --- there are some people on the street that are only there for one reason: bad people need to understand that these people are not bad people --- people on the streets because of lost job sunshine and josiah (she was on the street because he son was a heroin addict) she might even be lying to me (the mystery of their situation) --- i sat there talking about truth while "dog" was convulsing on the ground -- thrown out of the shelter during storm -- addiction --- mdma addict working at red cross --- why am i there, and what do i want to do, and what do i want people to do -- the affects of being on your feet all the time, constantly moving, sleeping, the rain, the wind -- people say "There's many jobs out there, why don't you just go get a job" but they don't understand and the moral dilemma when you kick someone that is down, and they get down, people don't recover and they need help -- there's not enough help out there -- trash -- society lives in a certain way and the fact that -i- don't want to live in this society, for certain reasons and why don't people want to live in this society what's wrong with society that makes people go to the streets i don't have to tell it, i can tell it from people i talk to, who have told me what society has done to them -- wendi's story --

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