Notes From Travels June 2019

June 27, 2019

Having attachments, connections or interactions with others may bring unforeseen problems. Blessings also, certainly, but problems.

Others may have attachment to anger.
They may have material attachments that can slow progress.
Others may be sick, which might make you sick.
People may have hidden and evil intentions.
There may be a lack of maturity.
No control over their emotions.
Substance abusing.
Vehicle problems.

For someone who has worked to move beyond such common ways, it can be a step toward the negative dimension (becoming involved with others).

Further, some people do have hidden, evil intentions. You might find your self in a world of bad news by trusting a smile and kind words.

Focus on your self.


If you’ll be travelling long term, and are trying to spend as minimal as possible, it may be the better option to use clean cardboard than a styrofoam ground pad for sleep. The material is degradable, very low-cost or free, insulating and light-weight. Also, styrofoam is a contribution to pollution among this paradise life, and it can have you sticking out like a sore thumb, displaying too openly that you are travelling and sleeping outside.

People absolutely steal from bicycles and motorcycles. They will steal items you are carrying and also items that are bolted in to your vehicle.

Do not leave used, unwashed fabrics, unattended in a tent for too long. They will begin to mildew.

A small towel is good for drying, but an even smaller towel (nearly a rag) will dry you all the same but will dry it’s self faster than any larger towels or towelettes.

A backpack can cause a sweaty and itching back. Always, it is best to be as minimal as possible (if possible).

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