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Wild Edibles: Pitanga


Blodgett Peak Open Space in Colorado Springs, CO


Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs, CO


Pulpit Rock in Colorado Springs, Colorado


Mesa Verde, Colorado


Petite’s Gap in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, USA


Resurrection. Phoenix. Rebirt. Metamorphosis. Transformation.

Where one goes, others do not go. If one goes in to hunger, others do not follow. If one goes in to death. Others do not follow. If one goes in toward intelligence. Others do not follow.

Where one goes, then also is all the world. If one is drunk, then their entire reality is drunken. If one is dead, then all of their reality is death. If one is intelligent, then all makes sense. If one is delusional, then all of their reality is a delusion.

Universe within eye, within universe, within eye.

One is all that they perceive. If one perceives nothing, they are nothing. If one perceives a color, they are that color. If one perceives existence, they exist. If one perceives sound, they are that sound.

Cosmic vishnu heaven yang light awareness. Yang light, being eternal source energy, manifesting infinite yin darkness manifested potentials. A soul becoming lost in the yin dark manifestations of eternal potentials. Sleeping and dreaming. Vortexes of consciousness.

Reality becomes mind. At first, we rely on others to fulfill our doubts and inspirations and all that may be fulfilled. This is choicelessness, until we become keen to possibilities. Then, one is given permission to choose.

Stopping, and looking within, is home. As one sits alone at night before sleep, contemplating their day, unwinding from the dream which they were living, preparing for wakefulness, which is centralized awareness. This is peace. To stop, and look inward, to find the centralized gift, where all outside talking, weather and all happenings, cease to exist.

One is born, given a personal mother and a father, and in time becomes realized to the great mother nature and to the Great Father seed, whom impregnates the nature and raises It's children into correction and discipline.

A child finds attraction to others their own age, and in time, a man becomes attracted to a woman. Though, eventually, one no longer lusts after women, but desires only one woman, and with more advanced understanding, a man eventually does not need a woman.

One believes they have a body. Eventually, one must realize that their human body only exists because of everything else that is happening. This vessel is an antenna which is perception and awareness, to perceive anything at all. and anything at all is what we are. So, one realizes they do not have a body, but that there is the great body, which is the reality. and as this reality breathes, we breathe. As it shows, we see. When it sounds, we see. As it is, we are.

One is their own limitations until they understand their highest freedom. Everything is a lack of understanding YET, until one comes to understand.

Life is not a path of becoming, but rather is a path of returning to the understanding of what you authentically and truly are.

Being caught in the web of an other, or as a man in the web of a woman.

The existence is a river, always flowing. From where it comes and to where it returns, is an ocean. The self is merely an observer of the river. The self is the mystery of two, combined in to one. An single observer bound between extreme polarities, of holding on or letting go.

Everything will impression you, for the better or the worst. How perfected are you willing to cover your true nature, being that you cover such because of those around you? Where will you allow for the contracts with others to take you? Will you smoke their cigarettes, and smell their perfumes? Will you go with them in to a pit? Will you taste flesh with them and be drunken with them? Will you dwell among their senseless speech?

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