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Accepting Gifts

Exodus 23:8 And thou shalt take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth the words of the righteous.

Accepting kindness. Accepting love.

To leave this ground for an other

and the currency and documents would be worthless

and, so, accepting help

and the word for gift might be "bribe".

Biblically, it is told how that to accept a gift will pervert the words of the righteous. but, this word "gift" might be better translated as a "bribe".

All things are created in dualities. "Pairs of opposites".

and such also is that there is an appropriate time to accept a gift but also the appropriate time to deny a gift.

Do you enjoy to give out of what you have to others?
Does it not feel right to give a blanket to the cold, to give a hug to those who need it, to give your love to those who are in need?

and, if one before you were in hunger, would it not be right to give an apple?

Has God not provided this home, the Earth, and the abundance of good things as a gift to all who dwell here? Having also given the life of soup broth and the gift of life it's self.

The gift of family, of love, of fresh air and clean water.
and we accept every day; these gifts, and the Lord does not expect in return.

Life and the glory of it is given.

There are times when one should not accept a gift.

In this case, the gift would be a bribe, as the word should be translated from the scriptures.

A bribe is when the giver of charity expects a return for their charity.

One should not accept a gift when the gift is of ill nature.

When someone has abundance and they seek to gift for your cause, you might consider to accept not for your own sake, but for the sake of that by accepting, you have helped they who are providing.

Many people desire to help others. They may need to give in order to feel they have helped another; to feel that they have done a good deed. Or, they may desire to feel more confident about your wellbeing.

Someone might see that you are in need of shoes, and offer that they have an additional pair which they have no use of. and, upon accepting: watch the smile which you have brought to their face!

By accepting a good deed, it may be that one has also given a good deed in return.
It is not only accepting a gift, but is become also an exchange of gifts.

It is a giving for an accepting. The acceptance of gifts is a giving in return, of which the gifter will also accept from the receiver.