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Know thy self, in knowing what you are not. Then, accept your self. When we do not accept our selves, we become frustrated by trying to fit in and walk on egg shells around others. Accepting one's true essence; true nature, brings a great sense of peace, but only once one knows them selves, in knowing what they are not. This takes seeking within the world to understand all that we are able-to-be, as a child must learn to become, and an adult must still learn to become beyond what they have been fashiong to become. The path is not so easy, but is a practice of seeking both within and without. and, all is within, including all which seems to be without. Ifyou look within, you will be self centered. but if you see without as within, then you will discover greater aspects of who and what you are capable of.

Beings are spiritually trafficked. Your energy is lead along a path that is not your own path.

When there is disaster, beings come together.

Can is priceless. Can not is a societal construct.

Attachment to a thing is where you will be. Attachment to fear, to items, to desires, to a desire of outcome. Where your attachments are is where you will be kept.

Further, your attachments can be used against you.

Until you do, you will not know. Once you do, you will know.

Expressing disgust exhibits disgust from and on only your own self.

A being who serves for an encampment is encamped.

Consider your breathing. It will help to control your level of patience or high rate of self. Look to your breathing to control your own energy and not be controlled by the way of others.

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