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Seemingly, there exist three spacial dimensions (x, y, z); (width, height, depth).

The second dimension has no third spacial dimension and is depthless (non-existent).

Likewise, the first dimension has no spacial quality and is wholely depthless.

The first and second dimensions are conceptual qualities which exist only to maintain a third dimension.

The third dimension is seemingly the first materially existing dimension.

What does existence exist within?

That which does not exist: does not exist.

That which exists: exists.

Does existence exist within non-existence?

Non-existence does -not- exist.

Through self reflection and material observation, it is discovered that within and without are both micro and macro -eternal-.

This is never-beginning and never-ending: seemingly the quality of a first dimension; of one dimension.

Materialism is seemingly very physical, depthed and 3-dimensional only to the senses. but is empty both reflectively and scientifically.

Senses are a perception of eternal spirit self.

The first, third and fourth dimensions are eternal self.

Self is an english term but the essence of "self" is much deeper than just a "word".

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