Petite’s Gap in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, USA

November 6, 2018

Petite’s Gap is just around the bend from The Devil’s Marbleyard near Glasgow in the George Washington and Jefferson National Park of Virginia.

If the marbleyard is on your left, then after continuing forward a not-too-far distance, you will reach a small parking spot on your right and through the trees to the left will be the incline.

Pronounced as either “Petees” or “Peteets”.

If you were to ever visit the area, shoes with little to no grip are not recommended. The entire face is not very difficult though as dogs and children can be seen climbing with family.

Mainly, there are two parts to Petite’s Gap. The first half allows you to climb to dirt and trees but just beyond that, the largest portion of the rock incline allows at the top peace, silence, far views, wishing.

The dirt wall at the top is best to be avoided when coming up and going down. It is a long tumble after a wrong slip from a 4 foot wall of loose dirt.

To arrive to the land above the rock incline, you may have to move to the side where dirt and usually a dirt path exist.

Be careful. Crouch when you need to crouch. Stay clear of rain when climbing.

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