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Mental Manipulation

Thwarting Mind Control

Know your self. Know who you are not. Accept all that you are. Accept your self as thoroughly as possible. Never forget. Always remember.

There is a difference between being honest and being mean. Insults are only ever based upon self-vanity. Insults come from within. One is insult-ing.
Apologize if mean, but never apologize for simple honesty. Tell people how-it-is and do not let them tell you otherwise.

Do not allow others to change the subject during such conversations which -must- be addressed. Speak your mind and do not let them manipulate the atmosphere to bypass what is important. Continually bypassing what is important will cause for the importance to blend into non-importance and such will become somewhat forgotten. Do not forget. Do not allow others to trample you and then to change the subject, which belittles your mental and emotional health.

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