If you do not spend time outside, then you will forget what nature is. You will forget what God is.

The truth of life will not be found in any box. It will be found having spent times outside with the Earth.

The woman is the womb. and, she is the body.

The strength of will and divine order is the seed of creation.

The woman is the nature, carrying life. and the womb of her is the abyss.

HE is the source. The feature is masculine and HE tells of him self to be incarnated, in the flesh, as male.

The highest source divinity is through all.

Pulpit Rock in Colorado Springs, Colorado

November 7, 2018

A part of Pulpit Rock Park open space and standing nearly 300 feet above ground level. The structure lies next to a BMW dealership and is surrounded by homes and other buildings, but stands just out of bounds of being too close to society.

*Update*: “modern society” is actually beginning to invade the park.

The rock serves as a perfect lookout over some large portion of Colorado Springs and toward the mountains to the west. There is a steady flow of visitors but never too many at all.

Located at these coordinates: 38.912122, -104.810414


There are several entrances to the park with several locations to park your vehicle. Be careful, vehicle thefts are -not- uncommon at parks in Colorado Springs.






Looking to the south.


and looking toward the North.



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