If you do not spend time outside, then you will forget what nature is. You will forget what God is.

The truth of life will not be found in any box. It will be found having spent times outside with the Earth.

The woman is the womb. and, she is the body.

The strength of will and divine order is the seed of creation.

The woman is the nature, carrying life. and the womb of her is the abyss.

HE is the source. The feature is masculine and HE tells of him self to be incarnated, in the flesh, as male.

The highest source divinity is through all.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs, CO

November 8, 2018

Red Rock Canyon in Colorado Springs. There were three (but now two) parking locations at the entrance. and this location can be somewhat tourist-thrived, but surprisingly, most Colorado Springs residents have never been to or have ever heard of Red Rock Canyon!

There are many beautiful and even magical things that happen here if you know where to look, or if you were to come here often enough. but there is currently a lot of construction surrounding and also within this area.

Parts of Red Rock Canyon were once mined, and the location was also once used as a landfill.

Always be careful when parking at a park in Colorado Springs, since vehicle break-ins are common. But don’t let that frighten you from visiting this beautiful place! Just be aware that it does happen to some people.

Where is Red Rock Canyon in Colorado Springs?
Location coordinates: 38.852513, -104.878074

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