1. Consume foods that do not process much grease for the body. Foods which do not require much brushing or flossing of the teeth. Foods which are natural from the earth, which were made for the body.

2. Fast from foods created by society, which are contained within plastics, which may be lab grown, which include "preservatives".

3. Fast from substances to become clear.

4. Fast from ill imagery. Remove your self from images which will remain stained on the mind.

5. Pray to have stained imagery filtered from self.

6. Fast from indulging in pleasures of the flesh and of the mind.

7. Attempt to remain self aware and in self control, practicing moderation, patience and perseverence in goals.

8. Meditate to realize the external reality of the body, in order to develop an understanding that anger and impatience is an external concept.

9. Nap when tired.

10. Spend time with nature.

11. Be in the company of openness, which is freedom and acceptance. One should not be let to walls and oppressions, to feel like a caged animal.

12. Practice kindness, because it is the right thing to do.

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