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Self Awareness

I am not them. Their fear is not my own fear. Their found is not my found. Their emotions are not my emotions. Their vanity is not my vanity. Their identity is not my identity. Their loss is not my loss.

Am I awake? As I dream, I see and feel and hear and experience, and I wake to reflect on what I would have done. Yet, here, I see and feel and I hear and I experience, and I reflect on those things I seek to reflect upon. Am I awake? Where am I? What am I? Who am I? Where is this place? What is this place? Why is this place? When?

I breathe, and find my heart holding like a stone to attachments. Attachments to material, to fears, to desires, to desire of outcome. I let go, and I speak, and I go, and I do.

When I do, I learn. When I ponder, I never know.


Leaps of faith. Stepping beyond fear. 9:33 telling what?

When I go in to the world, I go in to my self.

When this world breathes, I breathe. When this world is naked, I am naked. When there is suffering, it is I who hears, sees and feels sufferings.

When I play the instrument, it plays me. When I fight against another, I fight only against my self. When I leave in to the world, I leave in to my self. When I move, it is the way of this body. When I understand, I understand only what -is-.

I am trafficked, so I step out from constructs. I go against the flow of others, and behold that I AM free.

I flow, else I am stagnant.

The entire experience is only ever my own, no matter.

I am only ever I.

I do not move in to tomorrow. Tomorrow moves in through I.

I have no control. No control of external reality. No control of birth. No control of death. No control of how I feel to external reality. I am only aware of how I feel to the experience.

Even my decisions are made by a force which I have no control of.

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