Some Things To Consider When Living In the Woods

November 19, 2018

1. Trees do fall

2. A tent can leak and even collapse from rain

3. Blood suckers (ticks, mosquitos, kissing bugs, noseeums, etc)

4. Spiders can litter the ground, but this is not actually bad and nor are the ankle bites

5. Pooping at night

6. Cleaning your poop

7. Teeth care

8. Hunters (supposedly more than 1000 people are shot by hunters every year in the United States and Canada)

9. Water is polluted (chemicals, exhaust, metals, plastics, feces, dead animals, etc)

10. The sound of society travels far

11. Shoes can damage your feet.

Walking many miles with closed toe shoes might damage your toes. Flip flops are recommended but even the wrong sandal can wear your skin and joints out.

A sweaty sock or a hot foot adds no help to a hot and wet and contained oven. Skin is meant to breathe.

Any pain or strange feeling on the body needs to be relaxed and let free from stress and constraints.

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