To be celibate, you need to reform your ways.

In a sexualized society, one should become adamant with turning the eye away from sexual material.

If you are quick to imagine intercourse with someone, then you will need to shut those thoughts off.

It might not be easy at first, but with good practice, it can become easier.

Losing focus and forgetting why you were practicing, is a part of failure which leads to success if you are adamant at heart with this task.

You will need to breathe, and deter your thoughts from sexual desires.

Bathe your self from any uncleanliness, thinking "I am cleaning this filth from my body".
and try to remain more pure. Try to remain in the state of mind which respects both external and internal cleanliness.

If desires come, focus your thoughts on something else. Focusing on God can help to relieve external thoughts.

Shun the sexual history that has been applied to you by society, which converted you from childhood innocence to lustful desires.

Find respect more for who you would like to be than for who others would like for you to be.

Live up to your own expectations of your self and try not to live up to the expectations of others.

If you feel that your organs are being filled, then continue to keep your thoughts focused and allow for your body to do as it will. Sexual thought will manifest excess fluids whereas a clean mind upon a clean body will allow for less fluid build-up.

This task is of a higher mind origin, which looks down upon the material mind and the material nature.

Any feelings of physical urgency will subside with patience, breathing and focus.

When sexual thoughts come in to your mind, shun them.

If you must nap, then nap through the urges.

For beginners, upon sudden desire, urinating may help to deviate such desires.

Tending toward a separate task will help to sidetrack the mental urgency.

If desires come about, then placing your self in to a position where you are surrounded by people is a good way to bypass a sudden urgency.

You will find that such urges dissipate if you can sidetrack your self or focus beyond the urge.

Becoming the master of the body.

Practice makes perfect.

Being the master of the reigns of the mind and body.

If a dream comes upon you enticing for sexual intercourse, you should also forsake such an allowance and find a higher mind over being ignorant within dreams.

The results will feel more dry (in a sense of internal cleanliness). Focus will increase. Will power will increase.

and a higher mind will be discovered which others within society may not also have.

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