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Out of Body

There is no banana, but can you smell a banana in your mind?

Someone you know is no where near, but can you hear their voice if you try? Can you see them?

An object is at a distance from you, but can you feel the texture of it with your fingers?


Jump without jumping. Stand up and walk away without doing so.

This is like a phantom body.

A Clear Mind

All IS. All is without language "words". Remove the words and all -is-.

Clear the mind of words, yet remain awake.

With a clear mind, one could fall asleep, but with intent, one is aware with a clear mind.

Within such a clear mind, languages and even thick vibrations come to be.

Exhale, and the vibrations will increase.

Give in to the exhale, and allow for the vibrations to increase, while using your phantom body.

It will feel near to drowning. Have faith and give in.

Giving in to the end of a natural exhale will manifest the exit from body.

Giving in partially and then forfeiting will cause for an extreme loss of energy and deep breathes.

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