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Darkness and light. Day and night. Black and then white. Death and life. What is wrong and what is right. Blindness and sight. Confidence, fright. Depths and heights. Truth and then lies!

Masculine, feminine. Goodness, evil. Within and without. Ignorance, clarity. That which exists and that which does not exist.

"Pairs of opposites".

Heat and coldness. and what is cold is as heat to what is more cold.

These are all words, which each describe the essence of a thing; a wordless truth.

and, yet, within darkness is a darkness which is even more dark than darkness. and, there is a light which is most high.


ignorance - suffering - poverty - addiction - sorrows - war - hatred - wickedness - lies


clarity - freedom - happiness - family - water - breathe - consciousness - kindness - truth

The feet walk therein to light or in toward darkness.

and, there is an immaterial light; a light which pervades material heaviness.

Even star light is a dark light from what is a highest and immaterial "spirit" light.

Without light is darkness. Without life is no life. Without existence is non-existence. Without clarity is obscurity. Without reasoning is ignorance.

Is this is what is meant by "those who are without"?

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