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Seemingly, a being is born as receptive to external information.

Throughout life, one is impressioned upon. A naked being takes to clothing. A speechless being takes to language.

Habits, speech patterns, culture, schedules, and laws of other beings are received within the way of a being.

Though a being was born unaware of any language or habitual activity, even a dog seems to reflect upon the company of their household and, similarly, are the ways of a people impressioned upon the ways of an individual person.

In life, one has the divine ability to cast off impressions, and return to a state of being impression-less.

We stop and surrender to the flow of this existence/existing.

Can one cease the Sun from setting? Can one quit the concept of "tomorrow" from coming?

Though one puts out their hands and shouts "NO!" and demands the next day from arriving, still, the day arrives.

Though one turns left or right, or takes the long path or the short path, one inevitably arrives at the same destination. One of these destinations is -tomorrow-.

So, it is not that one moves in toward any future or tomorrow, but that tomorrow moves in through one's self.

It is not that one moves toward divinity, but divinity moves through all things.

It is not that one moves in toward Truth, yet Truth moves in through all things.

One can hold on with their heart, like a stone. Else can one let go and allow their heart to gush open like a great waters.

Surrender, and be not attached like a chain to this world and the outcomes of this reality.

This act takes acting. This lack of acting takes effort. -Doing- such is easier said than done.


Realize: "I AM".

Accept that language is not your creation, but has been impressioned upon you.

Language confounds so many! They say in english "pride" when there is both worthless pride and also there is respectful pride, and yet they use only one word: "pride".

Knowledge is endless. Knowledge is similar to a wall which never ends. The wall can be felt for all of it's textures, smelt for all of it's various scents, knocked on to produce endless sounds. One can lick the wall for sensations of taste and there is much information written and drawn and colored upon the wall.

Then... one steps over the wall and finds pervading Truth!

Step over the wall! The wall of endless knowledge exists within this Truth.

Let go of language and, when it arises, cast it down! Slay thoughts which comes in the form of words.

Is a thing "blue"? Or is it that it -is-.

Is a thing only amounting to a "word"? Or is it amounting to that it -is-.

Slay these false imposters, which comes in the shape of words invented by others.

Use words when necessary, but do not build your reality upon words.

After words are gone from one's mental frame of existence, then can one take to pondering the true nature of existing; of being.

Now, what is "feeling"? Surely it is not a word but, it simply -is-.

Also -is- viewing, and hearing, and all other sensations, experiences, contemplations, realizations. All such external realities -are-.

Behold: the experience of life is a vision. In this vision is a feeling and, in these sensations are songs of birds and wind and many seeming voices.

The central, internal and eternal -self-, does look outward at thoughts and imaginations.

Further does the source, central self look outward at the image of dreams and spirit experiences.

and, further does the source, central BEing look outward at the sensation of vision of life, which is also -feel-ing it's self.

Ask, what are these if they are anything but "words"?

One can surrender by sitting and letting go, else one can surrender by BEing and letting go.

What are you? Who are you? Why are you? Where are you? When are you?

Are you the essence of "goodness"? Or the essence of illness?

Is sorrow pleasing to you? Or is freedom pleasing to you?

Is not evil wholely evil? and good wholely good?

Are some evil things good? No, they are not. They are evil.

So BE. For one on a path of evil can not attain to clarity.

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