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Sleep Paralysis

Delving in to lower realms of material and spirit realities is to delve in to realities of life. Such experiences are more real and existing than is not real or non-existing. Be aware of what dangers you may be placing your spirit among and whether you alone, by your self, are prepared to handle all Truth or not. Never base your beliefs on what others tell you. The unknown is very real. Stop and take a look around and ask "what is life?". If you are not ready to go sleep in the mountains by your self, maybe you are also not as prepared to leave off in to lower spirit realities, which are filled with many possibilities.

This article is for expounding Truth, and is not written as a suggestion to practice. In fact, the creator of this text advises all to refrain from such practices at least until there is peace amongst this life we share in this world.


Sleep paralysis is a term for a phenomenon of life. Also known as "old hag syndrome", where "hag" is a term for a witch.

The night mare: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mare_(folklore).

Wiggle, shake to get out from sleep paralysis. Moan, call out. Get up, just get up. Use all of your strength to get up.

There are at least two ways of having sleep paraylsis induced:


Lay down. Relax.

Relax your body. Your feet, your toes, between your toes, your chest, your head, your ears, your back; relax all of your body.

Breathe naturally, and as you exhale, relax.

Once you are fully relaxed, relax again.

Putting the mind to such a task results in the mind remaining awake. Relaxing the body continually puts the body to sleep.


Waking from self aware dream.

This can usually be due to shades or shadow people inducing a half state of awakening.

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