Substance Addiction

Abuse of a substance can lead to being addicted to that substance.

If you are finding it difficult or impossible to quit the use of a substance, there are several steps along the road to sobriety, which you must consider:

1. Do you want to quit?

Ask your self now, "am I ready to quit?".

One needs to admit if they wish to quit or if they are having a good ol' time with substance abuse.

Does the bad outweigh the good?

Being ready to quit is one of the strongest solutions to the problem. A stone without it's own desire to move would move no where at all.

2.Have you found a good reason to quit?

One might desire to quit for health or sanity reasons, whilst also seeing no good health or good sanity in a world of sobriety.

Find a reason that is worth quitting for.

1. Someone you love; someone who loves you.
2. Religious clarity.
3. To beat the evil which tricked you to begin with.
4. You always preferred sobriety.

3. Does your environment allow for you to quit?

One must take time alone to consider their past, present and future. Walking alone and thinking out loud and using this time to think and act in ways that are opposite from using a substance.

Find a peaceful nature away from the advice of people. Seek out your own advice. Go and find a spot to collect your thoughts in peace and get to the root of your problems, alone. Fight with your self.

4. If you relapse after quitting, your addiction and ability to quit could both be in for the worst of it.

Relapse can cause for a heavier using. Just keep in mind all that you learned from the previous times you were able to quit.

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