The Legacy At Linden Park Apartment Review

November 19, 2018

The Legacy complex is located just off of Timberlake Rd, across the street from a Citgo gas station and just down the road from Heritage High School.

Located at 1000 Misty Mountain Rd. Lynchburg VA, 24502, the property sits on what was previously a flea market and just prior to that an outdoor, 50% normal, 50% for adults movie theater. You may be told from time-to-time, from what seems to be many adults, how each would sneak into the woods to watch the adult movies “back when they were kids”.

Although the Legacy is not a bad place to live by any means, it is not worth the cost imposed for rent and it is really not worth the large “administration fee” of $300. My rent was $788 per month, but such a number should have been reduced by at least $200.


1. The Legacy, in 2014, did not require tax returns nor did they require a cosigner. It was very relieving to be accepted simply after having several months of bank statements reviewed.

2. If you enjoy a nice walk, there is a Kroger grocery store just down the road. Mid-way to Kroger you will find Tiny Town Putt Putt, usually hosting black lights and music at night during the warmer months.

3. The Legacy does host an accommodating gym. I was very happy to find a pull-up bar available.

4. There were plenty of electric sockets in the units. There was no problem finding an outlet to plug something into.

5. There is a verizon building just next to the Legacy at Linden Park. When you set up what internet you will be using, sign up to Verizon. The Legacy will attempt to have you sign up for “Access Media 3”, an internet service that I had to research before making any decision. The company was said to have MANY down times and while living at the complex, I received physical notes and emails explaining what downtime would exist that day with the Legacy-promoted Access Media 3. The pro? Verizon’s location. Access Media 3 and its promotion by the apartment complex is a con.


1. One of the most annoying things about living at the Legacy was #1 – the Legacy’s claim to fee anyone $50 for leaving their garbage in the hallways and #2 – the Legacy’s lack of imposition of the fee.

After a tenant felt worthy of leaving their stinking garbage in the hall for over a week, with a longer story behind even that, I came to inform management of the situation only to be informed that “all halls are checked daily for garbage”.

Garbage being checked period is not true. It does not happen.

2. Garbage is left on the property. It was the beginning of a year lease that a giant, empty white box appeared blatantly in a ditch surrounding the property. There was also garbage that accumulated at the foot of buildings, surrounding their bushes with toys, food and garbage that had fallen from balconies and porches. This was all something that was never cleaned in a years’ time.

3. While on the topic of garbage, the complex hosts one centrally located dumpster. This is probably a significant cause of residents not putting away with their own garbage. You will find tenants strapping their bags to the back of their car before walking a block to the can. But, this I have found, is common nature of human-kind today.

4. and, while on the topic of smelly things: my apartment would WREAK! I opted out of having my own washer and dryer in the unit, which was a mistake but, it was something I could not afford at the time. Still, without any appliances for actually washing clothes, there was still a mysterious stench that would come wafting from the laundry closet. I found later that any time the heat was on, the smell would seep out like a destroyed toilet bowl. The smell was sick. I had to inform management and then maintenance to have a maintenance employee walk in with a large scented box…………… The smell was magically gone when he came in with a powerful scented box……….. and that was that. I “figured” the lease was almost up (see CON #7), so I left the heat off and left the smell for the next tenant to leave their own review on the complex.

5. More smells. The laundry room that was available on site was okay. The problem was that each washer and dryer was never cleaned, so although the room itself was not so bad, sometimes the machines would wreak – and they would leave your entire lot of clothes wreaking just as bad.

6. The laundry machines would at time steal your change and the change machine in the laundry room was permanently out of service.

7. The complex extended my lease by an additional month! Although the addendum and our initial conversation held word for a “12-month lease”, I was a fool not to double check that last page contracting me into a 12-month and 3 week lease! Who would have figured?

With plans on moving in a specific month on a specific day, finding that you were bound by blood for a month longer than expected can be a problem.

8. The boards making up each patio were separated at times by at least half an inch. You could clearly see what neighbors lived above and below you. Had you swept, your collected debris would fall onto the residents below. Had someone above you swept?

9. Overall, the units were sound proof. You could still hear dogs, arguments and other “adult” things going on though, which is not to be said for some other complexes. The actual walls themselves were very markable. I found that after washing my hands, I could touch the wall and it would leave prints/marks like the wall was just chalk-paint.

10. Music at the pool can be okay. Music at the Legacy was left at full volume for 24 hours of each day though. While taking a peaceful walk at 3am, you could hear music from down the street, pumping from the pool. I asked an employee of management if the music could be lowered for night. The first question was “where is your building, can you hear the music at night?” Then, I was informed that most residents actually “requested” the music to remain on. The music was turned off, or lowered on some nights afterwards but, would at other times be left on.


Overall, the Legacy at Linden Park was okay but, the complex was not worth $788 per month.

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The closed eye imagination, is not the vision of the eyes

The vision, is not the hearing

Life, is not the vision alone.

Life is the seeing, the hearing, the feeling, the smelling, tasting

Then, there is the heart

The senses are individual

One sense does not complete life

and, are the sense of sleep without memory of dreaming

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but is the sense of being and purpose of being

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and works with them

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delicate and beautiful from the strength and seed

The woman may be perceived, in a sense, as a serpentine


turning green and thick of forest on her back

dirt and water, flowing

with stones and body and creatures in her flesh and bloom

then, the psych of the senses to perceive the woman

the self, perceiving, perceiving self and perceiving this place

our diuality nature of man and woman within the material, psychically though the male

the spirit

intoxicated of self

tearing the flesh of the flesh

scarring one's self, by tearing away the limb

yet, the self is without flesh

the imagination is more great than the arm

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and the will of self moves arms within the mind (phantom)

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The highest source divinity is through all.